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Filter Design / Antenna Design / EM Simulation
Filter Design Services
We offer design consulting services to a select group of customers. Finished designs include all physical dimensions needed for fabrication and a final EM simulation for validation. We also offer customized in house training classes on request. These classes can be taylored to your immediate design needs.​
Consulting Services
At DGS Associates we have a long history of successful filter designs for both commercial and military applications. The technologies used to realize these filters include cavity combline and interdigital, waveguide, stripline and microstrip. We have expertise in both cross-coupled narrow band filters as well as broadband filters with octave or greater bandwidths. We can also design diplexers and mulitplexers using several different technologies.

Using our proprietary design techniques we can rapidly evaluate the complexity of your particular requirement and propose a solution. At the end of the design proscess you receive CAD files and a final EM simulation to validate the design.

Bring us your most difficult design challenge and see what we can do.
Training Classes
If your organization would like help with specific filter design challenges, we can offer customized filter design training. At DGS Associates we have several decades of experience teaching both open and in house filter design classes. We can show you how to use commercial circuit simulators and EM simulators to produce filter designs in the shortest possible time. Our advanced EM simulation techniques save you time and money by building prototypes ont the computer before you build any hardware. In many cases, the first hardware that you build will meet the desired specification.​​​

Our training materials cover three broad categories:
  • High Q TEM filters - Chebyshev and cross-coupled cavity combline filters are the preferred technology when high performance and relatively low cost filtering is required. Learn EM simulation and unique optimization methods that are keys to rapid, successful design.              
  • Planar thin-film filters - Explore the capabilities of well-known topologies like combline, interdigital and edge coupled as well as lesser known printed lumped element topologies. Learn EM simulation and unique optimization methods that are keys to rapid, successful design.
  • PCB filters using SMT components - Design inexpensive, custom filters for your system that are directly integrated into the PCB environment. Discover the most useful topologies as well as techniques to overcome a limited standard parts library.

Classes range from one to three days and can be customized based on your needs.
High Q Cavity Filters and Multiplexers
Planar Filters and Multiplexers
PCB Filters Using SMT Components
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